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Peter Lynn Longhorn Handles Medium
Peter Lynn Longhorn Handles Medium
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Longhorn Handles

The Peter Lynn Longhorn handles are designed for the buggy competition scene.
These 4-line handles feature a EVA foam grip around the complete handle, as well as Dyneema lines for direct steering and precise kite control.
As competition buggy riders hold their handles horizontally in line with each other, the top sections of most ordinary handles may prevent smooth steering when these parts move past each other. The Longhorn handles therefore have the top line attachment closer towards the top of the handle, to ensure smoother steering when riding at full speed in your buggy.

These handles are designed to be grabbed below the top line attachment, for riding hooked in to your harness at all times.

Available in sizes small (30cm), medium (35cm) and large (40cm), all Longhorn handles are supplied with a 45cm Dyneema harness line.

Replacement harness lines are available in various sizes.